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What Is the Difference Between Drainage Pipe and Fittings and Water Pipes


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No matter during the installation or the application, the drainage pipes and fittings are different from the Water Pipe and Fittings. In comparison, the water pipes and fittings are joined together to supply water for drinking or washing purpose while the drainage pipes and fittings are installed to take the waste watter out of the house. Even during the selection, the house owners should know that they would have to choose different types of pipes to meet the desired requirements.

So what is the difference? Aren't all the pipes used to transfer water? The drainage pipes and fittings, generally, are in need of higher quality. The interior surface of these pipes are required to be smoother to avoid the solid materials attach on the surface and cause blocking. In addition, these pipes are mainly buried underground, so they need to be more stable to endure the pressure. PVC pipes are preferred to be picked for its smoother surface and durability.

When it comes to the installation, the drainage pipes need to be buried carefully. And the trenches you digged should be deep enough. Before refilling the soil back to the trenched, you should better pick the sharp stones and other materials out. The water supply pipes installed in your house are exposed to your sight and so it is much easier for you to check their working condition. At the same time, the installation is much easier since you do not need to care about the trenches. But on the other hand, while choosing the water pipes used to transfer hot water or gases, you need to be much more careful.

The PVC pipes are the most popular Drainage Pipe and Fittings while water pipes are separated into more types. For instance, the steel pipes are a better alternative to transfer hot water and gases due to the anti-heat and seamless design. On the other hand, steel pipes are much more expensive. So, while choosing drainage pipe and fittings, pvc pipes should be your best choice.

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