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How to Thaw Frozen Water Pipe and Fittings Without Damaging


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Now it is the autumn and the winter is coming soon. It is easy to feel that the temperature is dropping rapidly during the past few days. While the winter is coming, the plumbers in the cities would receive calls every day to ask them to thaw frozen Water Pipe and Fittings. In fact, it is not difficult for the house owners to complete such task by themself as long as they understand the know-how.

During the winter, the cold air would freeze the uninsulated pipes quickly. The pipes would installed exterior are more likely to be frozen since the outdoor temperature is much lower. The increasing water pressure would damage the pipes and cause bursting or leaking. House owners could thaw the pipes easily, but they should be careful.

If the pipes are made from metal, you could choose to use radiant heat. And the open flame should be avoided since the it may cause fire if the precautions are not taken. For example, the blow dryer is the popular device in daily life. The electric heater could produce amounts of heat to thaw the pipes.

With the help of foam insulation which is endowed with the ability to keep the pipes warm, the water pipe and fittings could be protected from being frozen. And there are different types of foam and each type is designed with unique applications. While you are going to choose these equipment, you could consult with the salesman to get professional advice. Furthermore, you should use the foam following the steps recommended by the manufacturers and wear protective devices.

The repair of pipes may cost you a lot of money while the maintenance and proper installation could protect your property. In addition, if you have learned some basic information about the repair, you could save a lot of money as well. The foam is recognized as the suitable material to keep the temperature of pipes.

In summary, the dryer and heater are the common devices which could be used to thaw water pipe and fittings. If you want to reduce the risk of frozen pipes, you could apply foam to the pipes. And with a little knowledge about the maintenance and repair, you could reduce the cost. Are you looking for the maintenance and installation methods? Please click: www.zhenyunpipes.com

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